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Sokrio DMS  is a mobile and web-based software solution that helps retail brands achieve their sales and distribution goals in the FMCG, Consumer Goods, and Manufacturing industries.


Industries Being Served by Sokrio DMS

We understand that each industry has its own set of requirements. Sokrio DMS offers customized workflows for various sectors. These can be quickly set up so that you can start benefiting from our system right away.


Tools & Hardware

Electrical & Electronic Appliance

Agriculture & livestock

Construction Materials

Home Appliance

Vehicle Accessories


Electrical & Electronic Appliance

Agriculture & livestock

Home Appliance

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Why Choose Sokrio DMS?

Working dedicatedly with the DMS platform ensuring continuous improvement and has strong focus on management decision-making dashboard with continuous future developments. Experience in implementing large projects with 900+ user teams with strong brands.

Working dedicatedly with the DMS platform ensuring continuous improvement

Data Driven decision-making dashboard with continuous future developments

Efficient support for smooth aftersales service

Dynamic report generation in different categories

Get a Free Demo Customized to Your Sales Process

All-In-One Solution

Distributor Sales Rep Tracking

Master Panel

Customer Engagement and Support

Work Offline


HR Intrigation

Distributor Management

Notice & Notifications

Beat Planing

GPS Tracking

Real Time Management Dashboard

Sales Integration

The Bangabandhu Innovation Grant (BIG) - 2023 Winner

Benefits of using distribution software in wholesale business

Distribution software can help wholesale businesses improve their efficiency, accuracy, and profitability. Distribution software can help businesses automate task to focus on more strategic tasks, such as customer service and sales.

Instant order processing

A mobile app allows field salesmen to book orders instantly which eliminates manual data entry and reduces errors.

Reduced stock and cash pilferage

Distribution software can help you to track cash transactions and reconcile cash and returns which can prevent pilferage from field operations.

Improved delivery

Distribution software can help improve efficiency and customer satisfaction by planning delivery routes and tracking deliveries in real time.

Minimize errors

Distribution software can automate many of the manual tasks such as order processing, inventory management, and billing to reduce errors and improve accuracy.

Clear visibility of inventory

Distribution software helps businesses track inventory levels and stock status to forecast demand and plan shipments more effectively.

Real-time sales performance tracking

Distribution software can track sales performance in real time to identify trends, make informed decisions, and improve profitability.

Field sales planning and tracking

Distribution software can help to improve the efficiency of the sales force and ensure that they are visiting the right customers.

Automated discounts, offers, and schemes

Distribution software can be used to automate discounts, offers, and schemes to boost sales and improve customer satisfaction.

How to Choose the Right Distribution Management System

Order Processing

Order processing streamlines the Order-to-Cash cycle, minimizing manual input and errors. It promotes effective communication and real-time updates on stock levels, purchase orders, and payments, preventing overselling. This optimization of order management reduces costs and enhances customer satisfaction.


A user-friendly DMS can make complex logistics and distribution tasks easier. It can also help you be more proactive in managing your supply chain. It provides real-time visibility into inventory levels, order statuses, and sales rep tracking, enabling quick decision-making. It empowers distribution operations and operational excellence.

Stock Reporting

Stock reporting of DMS offers real-time insights into stock availability and market trends. It helps businesses easily grasp and respond to critical inventory data. It empowers users to minimize stockouts, prevent overstocking, and enhance customer satisfaction by ensuring the availability of the right products at the right time.

Real-time Tracking

Real-time tracking provides up-to-date information on the location and status of sales representatives, allowing businesses to monitor the entire logistics process from dispatch to delivery. This enables quick identification and resolution of delays or issues, ensuring timely deliveries and minimizing operational disruptions.

Method of Distribution Management Process

In Our Clients' Words

Mizanul Islam In Charge, IT, Lal Teer Seed Ltd.

The fact that we can see our sales details in real-time on the web platforms is incredible; Sokrio DMS is helping us to manage our retail channel in a better manner as well.

SM Mubdi Director, Tradesworth Household Ltd.

Sokrio DMS has helped us to solve our long-standing problem of monitoring and quantifying efficiency; on top of that, it has improved the quality of our human resources.

Faes Ahammed Deputy Manager, process automation (Brac Dairy & Food Project)

We selected Sokrio DMS after thorough evaluation from a number of competing software, and have been using the platform for around 2 years. Apart from the smooth platform performance, I must give a special mention about Sokrio’s responsiveness to any customer issues at the minimum possible time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A DMS typically works by collecting data from various sources, such as inventory systems, order management systems, and shipping systems. This data is then stored in a central database and used to create reports and analytics. The DMS can also be used to automate tasks, such as order processing and shipping.

A distribution management system (DMS) is a software application that helps businesses manage the distribution of their products. It can be used to track inventory levels, manage orders, and schedule deliveries. DMSs can also help businesses to improve their efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer service.

The cost of a DMS will vary depending on the specific software solution and the features you need. Visit our pricing page to know Sokrio DMS price. 

Once a DMS is implemented, it is important to maintain it on an ongoing basis. This includes:

* Keeping the DMS up to date with the latest releases
* Backing up the DMS data regularly
* Monitoring the DMS for performance issues
* Addressing any security vulnerabilities

The key components of a DMS typically include order management, inventory control, warehouse management, transportation management, and analytics/reporting modules.

DMS automates and streamlines order processing by providing real-time visibility into inventory levels, order status, and delivery schedules. This leads to faster and more accurate order fulfillment.

DMS optimizes the supply chain by enhancing visibility, coordination, and communication across various stages of the distribution process. This leads to cost reductions, improved efficiency, and better customer satisfaction.

Real-time tracking in a DMS enables organizations to monitor the movement of goods, track delivery vehicles, and respond promptly to any disruptions. It enhances overall visibility and control in the supply chain.

  • Yes, most DMS solutions offer integration capabilities with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and other business systems to ensure seamless data flow and consistency across the organization.

DMS reduces costs by optimizing inventory levels, minimizing order processing time, improving route planning for transportation, and enhancing overall supply chain efficiency.

  • Yes, DMS solutions come in various sizes, and there are options suitable for small businesses. The key is to choose a system that aligns with the specific needs and scale of the business.

By improving order accuracy, reducing delivery times, and enhancing overall efficiency, a DMS plays a crucial role in meeting customer expectations and ensuring a positive customer experience.

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