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Save Money and Boost Efficiency with Sokrio: 75% TA Bill Reduction

In the realm of industrial imports and distribution, one of our clients proudly held the exclusive role of being the sole importer of one of the world’s premier lubricant brands.

They were dedicated to delivering top-quality lubricants to their clients efficiently and cost-effectively. However, their commitment to excellence was often hampered by the substantial Travel

Allowance (TA) expenses incurred by their sales team. The solution to this challenge came in the form of the Sokrio Distribution Management System (DMS), leading to remarkable results.

The Challenge:

The client, with their exceptional reputation and exclusive distribution rights for the lubricant brand, faced several challenges in optimizing their operations while controlling expenses:

High TA Expenses: The client’s sales team incurred significant expenses on travel, including fuel, accommodations, and meals, which posed a substantial financial burden.

Inefficient Routes: The lack of a systematic route optimization system resulted in longer travel times, increased fuel consumption, and reduced overall productivity.

Limited Visibility: GEL struggled with the absence of real-time visibility into the movements of its sales team, making it challenging to monitor and manage expenses effectively.

Cost Control: In an intensely competitive market, controlling expenses was vital to maintaining profitability and their position as the exclusive importer of Sinopec products.

The Solution: Sokrio Distribution Management System (DMS)

Recognizing the need for a modern, data-driven solution, the client embraced the Sokrio Distribution Management System (DMS). Here’s how Sokrio DMS revolutionized their operations:

Optimized Routing: Sokrio DMS with its GPS-based retailer mapping system, suggested the nearest outlets to visit optimizing sales team routes, reducing travel distances, and substantially curtailing fuel costs.

Real-time Tracking: The system provided real-time tracking capabilities for the sales team, empowering the client to monitor their movements, make informed decisions, and minimize unnecessary travel.

Expense Management: Sokrio DMS delivered comprehensive tools for tracking and reporting expenses, allowing them to exercise precise control over their travel-related costs.

Performance Analytics: The system generated detailed performance analytics, providing valuable insights into areas for improvement and facilitating continuous operational optimization.

The Results:

The impact of Sokrio DMS on the client’s operations was nothing short of transformative:

75% Reduction in Sales Team’s TA Expenses: In just one month, GEL achieved an astonishing 75% reduction in their sales team’s TA expenses, significantly bolstering their profitability.

Optimized Efficiency: The client’s sales team operations became more streamlined and efficient, with reduced travel times and increased productivity.

Real-time Insights: The real-time visibility offered by Sokrio DMS empowered the client to make well-informed decisions promptly, allowing them to respond proactively to market dynamics.

Sustainable Profitability: With TA expenses under control, the client fortified their profitability and cemented their position as the sole importer of the world’s premier product in their region.


The client’s success story with Sokrio DMS exemplifies how advanced technology can drive significant improvements in operations and cost control, even for exclusive distributors of renowned global brands.

The client’s ability to achieve a remarkable 75% reduction in their sales team’s TA expenses in just one month underscores the transformative power of Sokrio DMS in the world of industrial distribution.


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