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Increase Scheduled Outlet Visits with the Distribution Management System

Managing and scheduling outlet visits is an important aspect of any FMCG, retail, or sales distribution process. However, it is not always easy for companies to schedule these visits. Thus, they can encounter missed opportunities and strained customer relationships. 


This is where modernized and automated Distribution Management Systems (DMS) enter as catalysts.


Here, we will look at the importance of using DMS to improve outlet visits and how DMS does that.

The Importance of Efficient Outlet Visits for Distribution Networks

Whether you are a retailer, FMCG player, or an expert distributor, outlet visits by sales representatives are crucial for your business. 

Timely and efficient outlet visits play a key role in:

  • maintaining and enhancing customer relationships, 

  • understanding market needs, 

  • Building trust among the supply chain network, and

  • ultimately driving sales. 


Yet, many companies fail to properly schedule outlet visits and minimize wasting of time and resources. Failing to reach outlets on time not only adversely affects the reputation of the business but also impacts sales performance. 

Some common reasons for outlet visit failures include:


  1. Poor follow-up and monitoring

  2. Inaccurate route planning

  3. Lack of knowledge about intercity travel conditions

  4. Slow reporting or lack of real-time reporting

  5. Unskilled personnel dealing with outlet visits

When these ongoing systems fail, advanced distribution management systems (DMS) like Sokrio DMS, enter the scene. 


How DMS Can Boost Outlet Visits

A DMS system is developed to assist wholesale, retail, FMCG, and other distribution-based businesses improve their efficiency, accuracy, and profitability. The DMS software can automate tasks and help businesses focus on more strategic matters, like customer service and sales.


It does that by collecting data from various sources, such as inventory systems, order management systems, and shipping systems. This data is then stored in a central database and used to create reports and analytics. Eventually, the real-time data allows real-time monitoring and report generation. This ability of DMS enables the users to identify the loopholes in the outlet visits and take immediate action. 


You can read about the Key Components of Distribution Management Systems and know how it works generally. 


The DMS Features that Improve Scheduled Visits

An advanced and modern DMS offers multiple features that ensure businesses are updated and aware of what happening in their distribution networks. In-depth market insights of DMS help in automated scheduling that improves outlet visit efficiencies. 


Other major beneficial features of an automated DMS that enhance scheduled outlet visits are:


  • Real-Time Management Dashboard: data-driven insights enable the tracking of order statuses, inventory allocation, and delivery routes efficiently. These are crucial for enhancing sales strategies, identifying trends, and optimizing logistics through effective visualization tools. In addition, they offer impactful reports on sales, inventory, and distribution, streamlining decision-making.


  • Route Planning, Activity & Attendance Monitoring: DMS efficiently organizes sales team movements with optimal route planning and real-time monitoring of sales activities. This enhances productivity by saving time and resources. Additionally, businesses can track sales team attendance at outlets, which ensures accountability and builds effective workforce management.


  • Distributor Sales Rep Tracking: Because DMS allows real-time tracking of distributor sales representatives’ activities and locations, their efficiency and accountability increase.  Businesses get to analyze performance metrics and identify their strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement. Besides that, DMS helps optimize the routes for efficient customer visits, reduces travel time, and creates opportunities for customer engagement.


  • Customized Reports: A key benefit you can extract from DMS is customized reports tailored to your business needs. These reports provide relevant data and insights for prompt and informed decision-making. Amazingly, the generated reports transform complex data into easily understandable visualizations, which allow for the customization of parameters and formats.

Solutions like Sokrio DMS can significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of outlet visits through the above-mentioned and other features, too. 

Case Study – Sokrio‚Äôs Success Story in Improving Outlet Visits by 89% 

In the local market, Sokrio Technologies’ DMS is a great example of the transformative power of such systems. Sokrio has been consistently helping businesses grow with the help of its DMS.

A notable success story occurred when a leading player in the Bangladesh FMCG sector faced challenges managing outlet visits for their diverse product lines. However, after implementing Sokrio DMS, they witnessed an astounding 89% increase in scheduled visits within just six months. This resulted in:


  • enhanced market coverage 

  • increased sales 

  • and improved customer satisfaction. 

  • better sales strategies and market presence.

  • efficient planning and allocating resources for outlet visits

Through Sokrio DMS, the client witnessed a remarkable transformation in their outlet visit efficiency. To date, the client thrives and excels in the competitive retail industry.

Wrapping Up

Efficient outlet visits are a vital aspect for distribution networks to sustain and enhance business. Rightly ensuring scheduled outlet visits also improves relationships, meets market needs, builds trust, and drives sales. With the advent of modern Distribution Management Systems (DMS), businesses are getting powerful solutions to ensure proper scheduling and improved outlet visits.


Advanced DMS like Sokrio DMS enable real-time dashboards, route planning, sales rep tracking, and customized reports to enhance scheduled outlet visits. By leveraging this progressive solution, businesses can streamline their distribution processes, enhance customer satisfaction, and gain a competitive edge in the market.

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