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Increase Retail Shop Visit Time with Sokrio: Up to 30%

One of our clients, a prominent player in the edible oil industry, faced the challenge of optimizing retail shop visit time for their sales representatives to improve customer engagement and increase sales. To address this issue, they implemented the Sokrio Distribution Management System (DMS), a powerful solution designed to streamline distribution operations and enhance overall store performance. Through the implementation of Sokrio DMS, they successfully increased the shop visit time for their sales representatives by an impressive 30%, resulting in significant improvements.


By leveraging Sokrio DMS, the client achieved the following outcomes:


Efficient Route Planning: Sokrio DMS provided a comprehensive platform for route planning, allowing sales representatives to optimize their travel routes and schedules. This enabled them to cover a larger number of retail shops within the same timeframe, increasing their shop visit time and overall productivity.


Real-time Data Access: Sokrio DMS offered real-time access to sales data, including customer information, previous orders, and inventory levels. Equipped with this information, sales representatives could make informed decisions and engage in more meaningful conversations with retailers, maximizing their visit time and improving the quality of interactions.


Automated Order Management: With Sokrio DMS, sales representatives could easily place orders directly from retail shops using mobile devices or tablets. The automated order management system reduced paperwork and administrative tasks, allowing more time for building relationships with retailers and exploring opportunities for upselling.


Performance Tracking and Analytics: Sokrio DMS provided performance tracking tools and analytics capabilities, enabling sales managers to monitor and analyze the activities and productivity of their sales representatives. This data-driven approach helped identify areas for improvement, provide targeted training, and motivate sales representatives to optimize their shop visit time.


These improvements resulted in a remarkable 30% increase in shop visit time for the client’s sales representatives. By optimizing their routes, utilizing real-time data, and automating order management, sales representatives could spend more time engaging with retailers, understanding their needs, and fostering strong business relationships. The increased shop visit time translated into improved customer satisfaction, higher order volumes, and increased sales for them.


Our client’s success story exemplifies how the implementation of Sokrio DMS transformed their sales operations, enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of their sales representatives. By leveraging Sokrio DMS, they aim to continuously improve their distribution system, empower their sales force, and drive sustainable growth in the competitive edible oil market.

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