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Who We Are

Sokrio Technologies Ltd. is a team comprised of multi-industry experienced, ambitious individuals. We genuinely keep our customers at the core of our business and strive to deliver a "wow factor" to our customers! We believe in continuous development, and always aim to deliver positive customer experiences for our stakeholders.

Our Mission

To help our customers in getting the most out of their businesses.

We Envision

To become a world-renowned innovation-driven digital solutions provider through delivering excellent customer experiences.

5+Years Product Experience

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Sokrio Distribution Management System Features

Distribution Management System is a smart sales automation system for your retail channel management.



  • 01 Live Management Dashboard

  • 02 Retail Point Mapping

  • 03 Sales Team Activity Monitoring

  • 04 Primary & Secondary Sales Order Tracking

  • 05 Employee Visit Route Planning

  • 06 Attendance Monitoring

  • 07 24/7 Customer Services

  • 08 Inventory Monitoring

  • 01Live Management Dashboard

  • 02Retail Point Mapping

  • 03Sales Team Activity Monitoring

  • 04Primary & Secondary Sales Order Tracking

  • 05Employee Visit Route Planning

  • 06Attendance Monitoring

  • 0724/7 Customer Services

  • 08Inventory Monitoring

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