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Sokrio Increases Scheduled Outlet Visits by 89%: Boost Sales & Reputation

One of our clients, a leading player in the Bangladesh FMCG industry offering soybean oil, palm oil, and sunflower oil along with different varieties of rice, faced challenges in managing and scheduling their outlet visits efficiently.

They sought a solution to streamline their distribution operations and enhance their market coverage. Enter Sokrio Technologies and its transformative Distribution Management System (DMS).


Upon implementing Sokrio DMS, they experienced a significant improvement in their scheduled outlet visits. Within just six months of using the system, they achieved an impressive 89% increase in the number of scheduled outlet visits.

This achievement translated into enhanced market coverage, increased sales opportunities, and improved customer relationships.


The success of Sokrio DMS can be attributed to its comprehensive features. The system provided advanced route planning and real-time monitoring capabilities, ensuring that the sales team visits all the applicable outlets within a specific time.

This optimization resulted in more outlet visits within the same time that resulted in reduced travel time and increased the outlet visit efficiency per sales representative in a day.


Additionally, Sokrio DMS offered real-time data and insights that empowered the sales team to make informed decisions during their outlet visits.

They had access to up-to-date information on stock availability, customer preferences, and purchase history, enabling them to tailor their offerings and recommendations to each outlet’s specific needs. This personalized approach greatly enhanced the effectiveness of their visits and contributed to increased sales and customer satisfaction.


Moreover, the system’s automated scheduling feature allowed the client to efficiently plan and allocate resources for their outlet visits. With optimized schedules and routes, they could ensure that each outlet received regular visits and attention from the sales team.

This consistent engagement fostered stronger relationships with the outlets, resulting in increased loyalty and improved business partnerships.


Through Sokrio DMS, the client witnessed a remarkable transformation in their outlet visit efficiency.

The 89% increase in scheduled outlet visits within six months not only boosted their sales but also reinforced their reputation as a reliable and proactive player in the market.

With improved market coverage and strengthened customer relationships, they continue to thrive and excel in the competitive retail industry.

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