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Smart Order Management with Sokrio Distribution Management Software

Sokrio Distribution Management Software (DMS) offers comprehensive solutions to enhance the Order Management processes and make them SMART. Sokrio’s DMS has been streamlining businesses in their operations, helping boost productivity. 

Let’s look at how you can gain a competitive edge using Sokrio’s DMS solution.  

Sokrio’s Superior Features

The local distribution networks in retail and FMCG industries face daily challenges that need holistic improvements. Faulty order collections, a lack of real-time market reports, high administrative and operational costs, weak distribution channel monitoring, etc. create unwanted, and times costly, bottlenecks and loopholes in the business flow. 

So, to expedite and enhance the distribution management of clients through a digitally, automated solution, Sokiro DMS entered the market and garnered notable successes in a relatively short period. 

Its features include: 

Real-Time Management Dashboard

The DMS offers data-driven insights into market trends that enhance sales & distribution strategies. The system’s efficient and real-time tracking of orders, inventory allocation, and delivery routes helps streamline its order management, which you can view through its advanced dashboard. 

Sales Team Route Tracking & Monitoring

Sokrio’s real-time sales team tracking ensures up-to-date information on the sales representatives’ whereabouts. This feature helps gain insights into point of sales (POS) visits, sales rep interactions, and progress of order placements for improved decision-making.

Automated Inventory Management

With Sokrio’s automated order entry, processing, and tracking, you can gain real-time visibility into stock levels, locations, and movement of items along the distribution channels. This will enable accurate demand forecasting and minimize stockouts.

Streamlined Order & Sales Process

Sokrio’s DMS enables a central order management platform that integrates sales data analysis. An automated sales tracking system, lets you develop better sales strategies and customer engagement. Also, you can simplify order management from placement to delivery, minimizing errors and ensuring a timely and efficient fulfillment process. 

Real-time Customized Reports

Due to real-time access to order statuses, sales representatives’ activities, and order movement locations, Sokrio’s DMS quickly transforms complex data into easily understandable visualization and insights, helping you make more informed decision-making. You can also customize report parameters and formats, to analyze and identify trends that are crucial for sales growth.

Using Sokrio for SMART Order Management 

Ensuring a smart, errorless, efficient, and timely order management system is imperative for surviving in the retail market. And Sokrio’s DMS helps you achieve exactly that. 

A key utility of this DMS is primary and secondary sales order & payment collection with the help of product delivery monitoring. The system is automated and well-monitored, helping to capture and analyze sales data automatically. 

The analytic and automated features provide real-time order status updates to customers, enhancing transparency and improving customer satisfaction.

The SMART-ness of Sokrio DMS

Sokrio DMS ensures the smartest order management solution for its clients by setting SMART goals in the order delivery system.

(S) = specific targets like increasing scheduled outlet visits 

(M) = measurable metrics like increasing the visits by 89% 

(A) = achievable goal-setting where Sokrio knows it has a good chance of meeting or exceeding client expectations. This requires intensive market research and study of the client’s operating areas and market. 

(R) = realistic expectations of setting the targets by knowing what factors are affecting the market and resources at hand. 

(T) = timebound targets based on specific timespans of achieving the targets like 3 or 6 months for increasing outlet visits by 89%

SMART goal setting solidifies implementing a DMS for order management, as you can track the progress of the order from initial placement to the movement of inventory from the warehouse to the end customer/delivery point. 

Read a success story of Sokrio on how it increased outlet visits by 89%.

Sokrio DMS Benefits 

So what benefits of Sokrio DMS boost order management? Let us look at them.

Automated Order Processing

Sokrio automates routine order processing tasks, such as getting orders, order placement & confirmation, tracking the movement of inventory along routes, and generating real-time data and reports of the progress. 

The automation reduces manual checks and inputs, minimizes errors, and optimizes the order management process.

Proximity-based Store Sorting

Sokrio allows you to select locations of delivery and route plans that are near your business. This helps to minimize transportation costs and helps you track the product’s movement along the delivery routes, quickly and efficiently.

GPS tracking and Geo-Fencing

Geofencing, used by modern businesses as a marketing move to draw more customers for a store-based business, helps locate points of sales and stores efficiently through the app. This feature on the app expedites the order management process by faster placement and checking. 

The built-in GPS tracker boosts the tracking of orders accurately throughout the routes, enhancing the process manifolds. 

Constant Order Collection

Sokrio DMS automates and streamlines order processing by providing real-time visibility into inventory levels, order status, and delivery schedules, 24/7. In case you are at a place with suddenly no internet, you can still collect orders offline. Our customer service support is available 24/7.

Enhanced User Experience

Sokrio empowers its clients and users with self-service capabilities, including real-time order tracking and customizable features to adapt to their business. Besides the dashboard, visualized reports enhance the decision-making process

Stronger security features like 2-factor authentication and single-device login help smooth the order fulfillment process. 

Mobile Application Interface

Sokrio’s mobile app allows salesmen to book orders instantly which eliminates manual data entry and reduces errors. It also enables users to track and monitor order deliveries in real-time at, anytime. The interface is also user-friendly, ensuring users can navigate smoothly and quickly. 

Trying Out Sokrio DMS

So, with so many beneficial features of the DMS, how do you go about purchasing it and installing it in your system to make order management smoother and hassle-free?

The answer to this question can be answered with the famous 5Ws & 1H method:

What do you need?

Of course, you need a DMS, but what package or what type depends on your purpose and business type. As our DMS solution comes in various sizes, there are options suitable for small businesses, too. So, you can check our pricing to know more.

Why do you need it?

This is the purpose of using our DMS. Here, it is to enhance your order management and make it smart, to boost your business, of course. 

Who will use it?

The person or group of people using it are your who’s. In this case, the retailers or sales reps will be using it to ensure smooth delivery and order fulfillment. Giving them a free demo of Sokrio DMS can be highly beneficial for utilizing it fully moving forward. 

Where it will be used?

The DMS will cover all the distribution and sales points along your delivery routes. So, despite having a centralized hub of data collection and operation, all points in your distribution network will be covered. 

When will it be used?

It can be used 24/7 to track order deliveries and fulfillment. So if you are a business looking for constant, real-time, automated order enhancement support, Sokrio is the way to go. 

How it will be used?

There are built-in features of Sokrio DMS for smart order management, but as we already mentioned, it’s customizable and scalable as per your business needs. Choose the package best suited to your budget and order management needs to get the best of Sokrio DMS. 

Wrapping Up

Sokrio’s DMS solution offers updated and advanced features that boost order management processes for businesses. The solution not only improves sales performance but also helps monitor the activities of sales reps, allowing them to identify gaps in the delivery routes. 

By providing real-time data insights, automated order processing, customized reports, and robust sales tracking capabilities, Sokrio DMS empowers businesses to make informed decisions, optimize their operations, and enhance user experience. 

Try out this valuable tool for driving business growth and gaining a competitive advantage in this digitally progressing world.

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