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5 Expert Tips to Choose The Right Distribution Management System (DMS)

A fast-paced world like ours demands elements and technologies that accelerate workflows and processes. An efficient Distribution Management System (DMS) has all the potential to be a game-changer in businesses, ensuring products move smoothly from start to finish. 

Each component of a DMS is essential in ensuring businesses handle their distributions better. So, knowing how to choose an ideal DMS for your business and maintaining the elements and aspects of a DMS is critical in transforming your business into a profitable and sustainable venture. 

Here, we explore five expert tips to choose a DMS that helps businesses develop and maintain a robust distribution and supply chain system, all while saving money and time. 

Tip 1: Look for Flexibility & Scalability

As a business owner looking to expedite your supply chain practice, you have to be very flexible when it comes to DMS. Customization and scalability are extremely vital in ensuring DMS success. Businesses should opt for a DMS that can flexibly fit their needs and evolve. Customizable software allows for the incorporation of user-friendly features, tailored reporting, and evolving distribution needs. 

Choosing an easily compatible DMS helps to upgrade the software when needed, ensuring your business growth is not hindered at any stage due to technology or system processes. 

Tip 2: Focus on Security 

Businesses must ensure a strong and secure DMS software that acts as a digital fortress, ensuring security protocols. Integrated protection of business data is paramount. So having basic and advanced security features like secure logins, automatic session timeouts, proper user authentication, system bugs, and system malfunctions is critical for your business data privacy. 


You should go for a robust and stable distribution software with upgraded data security features that ensures its clients’ business receives top-notch data protection. For instance, your customers should feel at ease when placing their orders and you should be able to manage the order from placement to delivery, minimizing errors and ensuring timely fulfillment.

Tip 3: Assess Real-time Data Management

Ensuring a DMS allows accessible and timely data from various departments and teams along the supply chain is paramount. Having a robust system of information and data flow across all channels helps develop sales strategies and boosts sales. 


A DMS with real-time data should have:


  • Insights: Information and metrics that help you drive strategies and identify market trends better than others.


  • Visualization: visual or graphic presentation of logistics movements, demand forecasts, and customer engagement metrics that help you understand more deeply.


  • Efficient tracking: Robust tracking of order statuses, inventory allocation, and delivery routes, ensuring you never miss out on any glitch or lag in the system. 


  • Reports: Generation of impactful reports on sales, inventory, and distribution efficiency which you can use to analyze, evaluate, and rectify any problems that catch your eye.

Tip 4: Ensuring Integration

The DMS software is designed to integrate smoothly with other systems in an organization like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), or Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS) software. The integration capability of the DMS software allows businesses to connect processes, premises, factories, offices, and even vendors and clients easily. This helps in coordinating and managing documents and data more efficiently across different parts of the business network. 


Having a smoothly flowing and well-synced DMS among organizational teams and external stakeholders not only accelerates work processes but also helps reduce costly errors. That is why integration is a crucial aspect of business success. 

Tip 5: Exploring the System’s Automation

In today’s rapidly evolving business and technology landscape, the injection of artificial intelligence and automated services has changed the game completely. The multifaceted capabilities of AI and automation revolutionize how businesses handle the distribution of raw materials, goods, and services across the value chain of a company, leading to improved operational efficiency and accuracy.


Recent times have witnessed AI interventions in inventory management, order processing, logistics coordination, and customer relationship management sides of DMS. By automating these processes, businesses can reduce manual errors, save time, and improve overall efficiency.


Additionally, DMS providers may offer advanced, real-time analytics. This aspect extends to powerful market insights allowing businesses to make more informed decisions through a more comprehensive view of their operations in quick time.  

Additional (and Obvious) Tip: Checking the Budget

No matter what you purchase for your business, an important aspect to look at is your budget. When choosing a DMS, make sure you understand the return on investment of the purchase. Select the system wisely, checking the price and the features that come along. 

DMS Solutions Trends In Bangladesh

With the digitization of business processes across the world, Bangladeshi firms are trying to keep up with the pace as transactions and deals are fast becoming global. Among numerous digitized services, digital firms are grasping solutions that make life easy for the distribution systems of their clients. 


Among the fast-emerging firms in the DMS arena, Sokrio is offering effective solutions.  Sokrio Distribution Management Software (DMS) is a mobile and web-based software solution that offers the five elements mentioned above and some more to enhance various aspects of business operations. This highly efficient DMS streamlines inventory management, order processing, shipment tracking, customer service, and sales channel oversight.


If you are a business owner in Bangladesh, looking to improve and enhance your distribution systems across multiple channels, Sokrio offers tailored benefits that could be the optimum solution to your difficulties and struggles. 


The multiple benefits include:

  1. Improved inventory and stock management, 

  2. Reduced operational costs, 

  3. Enhanced customer service efficiency. 

  4. Deeper insights into customer purchase patterns and market trends, 

  5. Better production and distribution planning.

  6. Fast order placement and tracking

  7. Efficient sales team management

  8. Real-time reporting

  9. Retail point mapping

  10. 24/7 Customer Service

  11. Attendance tracking

  12. Live Management Dashboard


Sokrio stands out in Bangladesh among others, mainly due to its scalability, affordability, and automated features. 


For example, Sokrio, through its DMS service was able to increase outlet visits of its FMCG client by 89%. The client wanted a solution to streamline their distribution operations and enhance their market reach. Sokrio’s intervention in the client’s business translated into enhanced market coverage, increased sales opportunities, and improved customer relationships. All thanks to the comprehensive features of Sokrio DMS. You can read the success story here.  


Another case of Sokrio’s triumph in reversing the fortunes of its client is when a prominent player in the edible oil industry, faced the difficulties of optimizing retail shop visit times for their sales representatives to improve customer engagement and increase sales. By installing Sokrio’s DMS, the client managed to increase the shop visit times of sales representatives by 30%. Have a read about it here


To leverage the benefits and features of Sokrio for business growth and success, you can contact them or request a demo


Sokrio’s DMS pricing is given here.  You can choose from any of the three packages as per your needs and budget. 

Final Words

Utilizing a Distribution Management System (DMS) not only boosts your business operations – it’s a leap into the future of supply chain management. A DMS works as the central nervous system of your distribution and supply chain operations, connecting various processes, manpower, inventory control, warehouses, clients, customers, and suppliers. 


Choosing a system that is flexible, scalable, compatible, integrated, secure, data-oriented, and automated not only enhances your work efficiency but also gives you a strategic advantage in a rapidly changing business landscape. Anticipating market trends before your competitors, streamlining operations responding instantly and accordingly, and responding to customer demands appropriately helps to increase and grow business. 


So invest for the future of your business and thrive. 

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