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Why Retail Point Location and Transaction Mapping are Important for Your Distribution Business

Every retail sales business that has a distribution channel needs a proper distribution management system in order to oversee and monitor the movement of goods. It’s a solution that enables you to map the entire transaction of your product as well as the entire retail outlets.

In order to actually compete in today’s retail conditions, it is important to have a strategic plan that contains retail outlet mapping and transaction monitoring. If you fail to watch and track the field-level movements in real-time, you may have to suffer to handle your distribution sales-based business. There are several ways you can significantly reduce the hassle of managing a distribution channel; Among them are retail point location mapping and transaction mapping.

What are Retail Point Location and Transaction Mapping?

Retail Point Location

A retail point location map or retail mapping is a visualization that shows the locations of retail points of your business in the supply chain process. It displays all the retail points in a certain territory where your goods are being carried for secondary sales. It is essential for manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors to have an exact map because it will help them analyze where they are making the most money. Using this data, a business can opt for better ways to become more advantageous.

It’s also helpful for your sales team to understand how everything connects together or what needs to be done next along your value chain; As well as helping them find outlets assigned to their specific area in less time and make the visit a success.

Transaction Mapping

Transaction mapping refers to the control of how your product is moving through a distribution channel, on which road, in which vehicle, at what time. With this, you can easily track and manage the movement of your product and make more profit by transacting the product in the right way.

How Will it Benefit Your Business?

Virtual Retail Audit and Inspection

Virtual Inspections have become essential to move transactions and comply with rules during the pandemic. The virtual retail inspection usually refers to the collection of all the information of your retail business by a solution or technology. As a result, you get all the data of your retail business in real-time anytime from anywhere.

The virtual retail inspection eliminates the necessity of physically visiting a big amount of vendor and retailer places and saves a massive amount of time. It also eliminates the current practiced app and web-based reporting and assures proper storage of historical reports that are available to the authorities on the requirement. 

It secures all movement of the product of your distribution business. And provides you with real-time information from the field that speeds up your distribution channel.

Location Information Tracking 

Location data is very helpful when preparing outbound logistics processes and strategies. When you understand exactly where all of your retailer location points are, you can appropriately modify your dealer’s point to decrease the delivery time thus expediting the process. This allows you to choose which locations should get priority attention from your sales force. It also offers you insight into what type of products or services are most favored among consumers or clients in different areas and locations.

Transaction Tracking

In the case of outlet mapping, transaction tracking is a useful component that refers to the number of products sold at each outlet. Understanding this data will allow manufacturers to optimize their supply chain management strategies. They can choose how much inventory requires to be reserved at separate locations based on existing market requirements. 

Transaction tracking

This information can support businesses to make decisions about whether to expand production capacity or decrease products or inventories.

Benefits to Creating an Advanced Contact Management 

Your agents know it and so do you that your contacts are very essential for your company. The possibilities turn into leads that eventually become your customers or clients, even repeat clients too. However, a bad start or below-par client contact between a lead and a sales agent could jeopardize the sale even before it ever really gets off the field.

Outlet mapping and transaction mapping further enhance the contact management of your business. 

contact management

Outlet mapping and transaction mapping enable your sales rep to collect more data from the field which makes your contact management bigger and stronger.


Seller’s performance information and reports provide you insight into the economic health of sellers based on recorded transactions. By comparing these digits against last years’ figures, you’ll be capable of spotting patterns and forecasting future trends. For example, you might see that particular individual consistently underperform than others. If this occurs repeatedly, you could take actions to decrease costs or raise revenues.

Sokrio Distribution Management System is a simple and best solution to solve all your above problems. Which not only maps your retail points but also speeds up your entire sales channel. 

Let us then briefly know about Sokrio Distribution Management System.

What is Sokrio Retail Point Mapping?

Sokrio distribution management system brings your complete sales channel in the palm of your hand. Sokrio DMS streamlines your sales channel as well as increases your business efficiency up to 33%. One of the features of the Sokrio Distribution Management System is retail point location mapping. With the Sokrio Distribution system, a virtual inspection of retail products can be smoothly operated. As a result of the information audit, the gap between available and out-of-stock goods can be examined and sorted at different times of the year.

Sokrio DMS (Sokrio Distribution Management System) controls the movements related to your sales channel and improves the productivity of the sales channel by following the performance of sales reps. Sokrio DMS delivers all field data in a convenient manner, streamlines the sales process, delivers real-time information as well as shows the real-time location of field staff. Which will support improving the responsibility of your company by up to 50%.

Distribution management system

Final Words 

A Distribution Management System (DMS) is prepared to collaborate between manufacturer, dealer, and retailer so that orders are correctly fulfilled. It also allows a manager to survey data and predict future challenges and development opportunities for the company. Pre-planning retail mapping, location tracking, transaction mapping, route planning to make salespeople move efficiently and cut drive time. It delivers more control over working hours so that better productivity and sales can be achieved.

The retail outlet mapping feature is a valuable step for understanding the supply chain strategy that helps to increase company performance for generating more sales.

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