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What does Sokrio Distribution Management System (DMS) Will deliver to Your Business?

Nowadays managing a sales distribution channel is like running in the mud without any proper gear. The more you push, the deeper you dig in. Managing a sales distribution channel means you have to manage your entire supply chain and logistics, warehouse, inventory, employee tracking, order management (sales and purchase orders), and many more activities.  

Does it look like a tough job to you?  

What if I told you, that you can control all of those managements with only one solution?  

A solution that not only helps to streamline your entire sales distribution channel but also will support your business by increasing accountability,  Reducing paper costs,  reporting time, product delivery lead time, etc.

This solution will also reduce your headache in managing and controlling the existing sales distribution or retail channel-related activities.

To manage your sales channel Sokrio Distribution Management System can become the ultimate recommended solution. This is a mobile and Web-based application to support and help your business bring efficiency to retail channel-related activities. 

Sokrio DMS (Distributor Management System) not only manages your retail channel-related activities, but it also improves your control of promotional activities, increases productivity, streamlines your entire inventory management, eases employee performance tracking and monitoring tracking, simplifies sales processes, and provides real-time reports, among other benefits. 

You will be able to save money worth up to 36 sales representatives’ full year’s salary for every 100-member sales team with Sokri DMS.

Enjoy 33%+ efficiency in your sales channel

What is distribution management system

What will Sokrio Distribution Management System (DMS) deliver to your organization?

Sokrio distribution management system is a platform that is used to oversee the movement of products from manufacturer to distributor to retailer. Sokrio DMS software solution will bring up to 33% efficiency in your sales channel.

Also will help to reduce 70% of the order-taking time. Up to 80% reduction in mobile communication cost of field supervisors. Sokrio DMS will save up to 24 hours to compile and report sales as well.

Now let’s elaborate on what will increase and decrease in your business; when you implement the Sokrio distribution management system to increase sales profit more efficiently.

Sokrio distribution management system will help your business to increase revenue significantly. This system will ensure the unstoppable cash flow from your sales distribution channel. The Sokrio distribution management system provides increased business productivity and work efficiency.

What will the Sokrio distribution management system increase? 

  • Easier product delivery and billing process

  • More accurate product delivery

  • More efficient Demand analysis and market insight

  • Increased cross-selling and up-selling opportunity

  • Quicker establishment of newer channel points

  • Increases management-focused dues collection drive

  • Increased accountability of sales team

  • Increased real-time reporting and market feedback

What does the Sokrio distribution management system do for your business? 

  • Easier product delivery and billing process: The Sokrio distribution management system is very essential to developing delivery efficiency. Sokrio DMS gives the process of on-time product delivery and also ensures that product delivery remains faster. Businesses can reduce up to 24 hours in product delivery lead time by utilizing Sokrio DMS software.

  • More accurate product delivery: A business needs to be more conscious about its delivery process because this represents customer satisfaction. Ensuring a customer’s satisfying delivery process depends on three pillars.

  1. Deliver the right product.

  2. Deliver the product to the exact place.

  3. Deliver the product at the right time. 

 Sokrio distribution management system helps you to deliver the right product at the right place at the right time.

Delivery Process

  • More efficient Demand analysis and market insight: The Sokrio distribution management system will help you to generate a complete analysis of client demand; which will eventually help you to understand what your customers actually need. This system also guides you to find all types of market insight and lets you know every market update. 

  • Increased cross-selling and up-selling opportunities: Sokrio DMS will present cross-selling and up-selling opportunities in the existing channel points in your business. Sokrio DMS platform can provide you with detailed records of your existing clients’ and customers’ orders to analyze and support you in deciding on which product to cross-sell to whom. 

  • Quicker establishment of newer channel points: When you are running a business you will always be on the lookout to increase it. Sokrio distribution management system helps you do exactly the same thing. Sokrio DMS helps your business increase significantly by producing newer channel points. After using Sokrio DMS, the sales team members will have enough time to focus on lead generation and create more new channel points. 

  • Increases management-focused dues collection drive: The Sokrio billing feature is one of the most marvelous features on the Sokrio DMS dashboard. This easy-to-use feature maintains the whole billing process and helps to identify micro-level retail store-wise dues as well. Sokrio distribution management software will help you to be more targeted and initiate a management-focused dues collection. You will find the whole accounts and purchase list with all details from the (distribution management systems) reports for such drive. 

Increase sales team accountability

  • Increased accountability of the sales team: When you are using the Sokrio distribution management system, you can easily see the improvement in your sales team’s accountability. This software increases up to 50% accountability in work hours for field executives. This system will encourage you to provide your sales team members with more objective rewards and recognition to motivate employee performance. The system will support a higher ability to perform the “duty of care” to your employees.

  • Increased real-time reporting and market feedback: Sokrio DMS allows you to get real-time data from your sales team. You can access this information on your dashboard anytime and anywhere. By automatically creating reports based on real-time data; the Sokrio distribution management system allows administrators to save time and help them to see the real-time performance of the sales team. You can pick the right metrics for your business that will support you in developing plans based on timely records from the sales team.

What does the Sokrio distribution management system do? 

  • Optimum utilization of physical storage space

  • Eliminates paperwork

  • Reduces the pressure of accurately tracking working hours and overtime

  • Overcomes route planning pressure and remote reporting time challenges

  • Reduces fabricated activity report from the field force


What does the Sokrio distribution management system decrease in your business? 

Sokrio distribution management system will help you to think further about your business progress and improvement. By using Sokrio DMS software, for every 100-member sales team, you will be able to save up to 26 SRs a full year’s salary worth of value every year. You can save time and improve your businesses in ways that weren’t even possible before. 

Business Improvement

In the above section, We have described to you how the Sokrio distribution management system will increase your business. Now let’s see, What difficulties will decrease in your business to boost your distribution sales channel when you have a Sokrio distribution management system in your sales channel.

  • Optimum utilization of physical space: This system will decrease the workload of people to correctly forecast and manage the sales operations. It will further support you in reducing the number of people needed for your business operations. The Sokrio DMS platform will optimize the utilization of your office’s physical space; you do not need extra employees to control and monitor your sales distribution channel while you have Sokrio DMS.

  • Eliminating paperwork: Sokrio distribution management system is a cloud-based software with a marvelous dashboard to maintain your distribution sales channel. This system will help your business to cut down the paper cost by up to 100%. By using Sokrio DMS software your sales representative will not need to use pen and paper to collect the orders from clients. 

  • Reduces the pressure of accurately tracking working hours and overtime: Every business holder wants to track the working hours of his employees. This helps to increase work efficiency and productivity as well. By using the Sokiro distribution system you can track the working hours and overtime of your sales team members. This will help you to find work-efficient employees and develop the productivity of your employees. 

Work hour tracking

  • Overcome route planning pressure and remote reporting time: The route planning of salespersons is one of the biggest efficiency barriers in a sales channel in any type of business. Sokrio DMS software can make route planning easier for the sales team members of your business. It takes a long time to monitor visit reports manually. Rather than using a manual pen and paper-based arrangement or keeping records in a spreadsheet, it makes more sense to use the Sokrio distribution management system. 

  • Reduces fabricated activity report from the field force: Sokrio DMS system provides you the real-time data reports from the field workers. You can easily track and monitor your sales channel activity, even employee movements, from Sokrio DMS software. So you will be able to know everything about your employee’s movement and their work efficiency. As a result, they (sales representatives) can not make you fool by fabricating an activity report.

Distribution management system


As a business owner/ manager, you have to be in a smarter position so that no one can dodge you with fabricated information. Sokrio distribution management system gives you that edge as this software helps you to do more than just move products from one place to another. 

It also includes gathering and giving relevant data that can be used to identify key opportunities for development and competitiveness in the market. Sokrio DMS  assures that the supply chain is effective enough and also helps to boost your sales marketing strategy and maximize revenue.

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