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Track your field staff and Employees’ activities instantly using Sokrio Distribution Management System (DMS).

A report states that sales representatives do not spend 84% of their time on business revenue-generating work. It is also found that a field-level salesman wastes around 3 hours of his daily work on non-value-adding tasks (e.g. traveling etc.). 

As a result, according to Hubspot, around 66% of employees cannot reach the specific income target set by their respective business organizations. To solve this challenge and ensure the correct flow of revenue, one of the effective ways is to improve the monitoring of all activities of your field staff of the distribution sales channel using Sokrio DMS (Distribution Management System).

Sokrio Distribution Management System (DMS) is a solution that will bring your organization’s entire sales channel into the grasp of your hand. It is a mobile and web-based application that is designed to bring efficiency to your retail sales channel-related work. 

Sokrio DMS (Sokrio Distribution Management System) not only helps you to effectively manage the activities of your sales channel but also increases its productivity by tracking the performance of your employees.

Sokrio DMS makes all field-level information visible to you in a timely manner, simplifies the sales process, and provides real-time reporting with the information received directly from the field level. It also helps you to track the movement of your field staff on a real-time basis. 

Why is it necessary to Track your field staff and employees’ activities?

What is distribution management system  

Tracking employee performance is essential to maintaining or increasing productivity in your business’s retail or distribution sales channel. This in turn increases the accountability of employees in your business. 

The study has shown that if a manager places focus on employee strengths, employees are 30 times more likely to remain engaged in their work ( 

Apart from ensuring their effectiveness, Sokrio Distribution Management System  (Sokrio DMS) software also plays a special role in enhancing the efficiency of field employees. 

How does the Sokrio distribution management system track all activities of your employees and field workers?

Sokrio DMS provides you with real-time data on-field staff-level activities so that you can monitor all aspects of your sales channel. Sokrio DMS is a software that is able to track the performance of your field staff both online and offline.

So let’s find out how Sokrio DMS (Distribution Management System) will track the performance of your employees and make the sales channel more dynamic.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is a well-known means of locating an employee. Sokrio DMS tracks the user’s location with the help of GPS and gives you a real-time update of the person’s movement. To do that the Sokrio distribution management system uses Google’s tracking directory. 

By using Google’s tracking directory Sokrio DMS is able to give you accurate results on the location of field workers. This allows you to easily track the location of your field staff from anywhere at any time.

sokrio GPS employee tracking

Proximity-based Store Sorting

Proximity-based store sorting is one of the special features of the Sokrio distribution management system. It not only tracks every sales representative of the secondary sales channel but also guides them to do the next task in an easier manner. This feature basically tracks the location of your field worker or sales rep, tracks the outlets around him, and guides him to find the next outlet in the route map. 

Sokrio DMS lets you map out all the locations of the retail outlets in GPS. While moving around his route, the software guides the sales rep to reach the desired outlets in his route plan according to the proximity of the store from his location. 

The Proximity-based Store Sorting feature eliminates the need for sales reps to manually search for outlets and guides them to their next location via GPS navigation. This helps sales reps to move from one to another easily and save unplanned travel time. 

Proximity-based Check-in

In a manually driven and less monitored sales channel, quite frequently the sales reps fabricate their daily activity reports without meeting their target number of daily outlet visits. The proximity-based check-in system of Sokrio DMS is an innovative solution designed to play a crucial role in solving this challenge. 

Many times a sales rep ticks off a designated outlet without physically visiting it. They can get away with this act simply by saying that the store did not place any order on that particular day, whereas the company may have missed a crucial sales opportunity of its product to its competitor. 

This sort of trickery is impossible to conduct by any SR while using the Sokrio Distribution Management System. 

Proximity based check in

Sokrio DMS users will not be able to check in to any particular outlet mapped in the system unless that particular device is not within 50 meters of that outlet. 

As a result, he must come near the outlet to give a successful ‘check-in’ and report a successful visit to the outlet. This means that you can be assured that all the visits mentioned in the daily activity report are authentic and free of any fabricated data.   

Offline Selfie Check-in

Offline selfie check-in is another special and useful feature in tracking the activity of your field staff in Sokrio DMS. As the name implies, it is an offline feature of the Sokrio Distribution Management System.

Are you surprised?

Intentionally or unintentionally, the sales reps may miss reporting an outlet visit due to the lack of internet connectivity at that particular area of visit. In this case, they intend to report the visit manually without logging the information into the system. 

However, the offline selfie check-in feature of Sokrio DMS ensures that an employee still creates an outlet visit log by taking a mobile phone selfie through the software feature. So, even if there is no internet, you still can get field-level visit reports using Sokrio DMS’s offline selfie check-in feature.

Offline Employee tracking

Offline Order Collection 

The offline order collection of Sokrio DMS ensures that all the field staff can continue with their tasks uninterrupted even with bad, or even no internet speed. In a conventional sales automation system, it becomes almost impossible to submit the activity data as soon as a sales rep is disconnected from the internet, which includes the order collection activities.

To solve this, Sokrio has developed an offline order collection feature that can be used even without any internet connectivity. This feature allows employees to collect a virtually unlimited number of orders offline, which are stored locally within the device. All the order information gets automatically uploaded into the system as soon as the device gets into the internet range. The uploaded information then becomes visible on the Sokrio DMS’s web-based dashboard.

The Sokrio distribution management system will help reduce order-taking time by 70%.

Mobile Battery Strength Notification 

Sokrio DMS software has worked thoroughly to monitor all the activities of the employees and has come up with a variety of functional features. One such feature is the mobile battery status notification. 

One of the most common excuses for sales representatives or field workers not to report their daily activities on the digital platform is that their mobile devices went out of charge. By giving such an excuse they usually get disconnected from the system after a particular time of the day.

As a result, the productivity and accountability of your distribution sales channel tend to decline. Sokrio mobile battery status notification feature is capable of playing an excellent role in solving this challenge. 

The Mobile Battery Status Notification feature will notify the authority of the amount of battery charge left on a particular user’s mobile at his last tracked position. This will enable you to identify which sales representative has a valid ‘no-charge’ excuse and who has not. 

Battery notification

Top Invoicer 

The following features of the Sokrio distribution management system are basically very exciting features for all sales reps. The ‘top invoicer’ shows who has collected the most number of invoices in your sales team over a certain period. This metric is continuously updated in the relevant section of the Sokrio DMS mobile app. This feature gives you an idea of the top invoice collectors on your team. The information of the best invoice collector throughout the month and year can be easily extracted from the system and hence it becomes very easy for you to reward the top performers in your team. This will create a competitive attitude among the employees and everyone will show interest to be at the top of the list.

Top Collection

The ‘top collection’ reflects the amount of money a sales rep was able to collect over a particular time. This is a similar feature to the top invoicer that will display the status of the top amount collectors over time. This feature will similarly provide information about the highest amount of collectors throughout the week as well as month and year.

Top Check-in

One of the aspects of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of a business is the proper monitoring of employee activities at the right time. One such monitoring parameter is to check whether the employee is joining and finishing the work on time. 

The top check-in feature of the Sokrio Distribution Management System provides a list of employees who have achieved the maximum number of outlet check-ins from your entire team. This will give you a clear idea of the commitment and efficiency of each of the employees. 

This feature makes it easy for you to find time-efficient employees. This makes it easy to build a strong sales team for your sales channel.

sokrio distribution management system

Final Words

The Sokrio Distribution Management System monitors very important activities of your field-level employees in real time. Sokrio DMS software will increase the efficiency of your sales channel by 33% as well as make your sales channel more dynamic with various features including on-demand report generation. Maximize your sales using the Sokrio DMS platform

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