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Sokrio DMS’s Best unique features to create more accountability from the field sales team

Sokrio Distribution Management System is a mobile and web-based application that brings your entire retail sales channel to the palm of your hand. This software will facilitate the overall inventory management of your organization, and increase the productivity of the sales channel by tracking the performance of your field sales team.

Here are some descriptions and advantages of the best unique features of Sokrio DMS to create more accountability for the field sales team.

Features that will create more accountability from field sales team

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is a well-known means of locating an employee. Sokrio DMS tracks the user’s location with the help of GPS and gives you a real-time update of the person’s movement. To do that the Sokrio distribution management system uses Google’s tracking directory. 

By using Google’s tracking directory Sokrio DMS is able to give you accurate results on the location of field workers. This allows you to easily track the location of your field staff from anywhere at any time.

Core benefits: 

  • Uninterrupted employee tracking facility

  • Provides you accurate locations of the field workers by using Google tracking directory

  • Know the status of employees from anywhere to any time

Sokrio GPS tracking

Proximity-based Check-in

In a manually driven and less monitored sales channel, quite frequently the sales reps fabricate their daily activity reports without meeting their target number of daily outlet visits. Proximity-based check-in system of Sokrio DMS is an innovative solution designed to play a crucial role in solving this challenge. 

Many times a sales rep ticks off a designated outlet without physically visiting it. They can get away with this act simply by saying that the store did not place any order on that particular day, whereas the company may have missed a crucial sales opportunity of its product to its competitor. This sort of trickery is impossible to conduct by any SR while using the Sokrio Distribution Management System. 

Sokrio DMS users will not be able to check in to any particular outlet mapped in the system unless that particular device is not within 50 meters of that outlet. As a result, he must come near the outlet to give a successful ‘check-in’ and report a successful visit to the outlet. 

This means that you can be assured that all the visits mentioned in the daily activity report are authentic and free of any fabricated data. 

Core benefits: 

  • Confirms Sales Representative’s Outlet Visit

  • Completely get rid of the fabricated report about outlet visit 

  • Ensure the physical outlet visit by Proximity-based check-in 

  • Forces sales reps to work at mentioned outlets in the area


An authority can have complete control over its sales channel through the Sokrio distribution management system software. An authority can determine from the Sokrio DMS software to the outlet selection to the sales representative’s route plan. 

As a result, it is possible to monitor the amount of work done by a sales rep throughout the day and the area-based movement. In that case, the GEO-Fence feature of the Sokrio distribution management system is very important. 

When a field worker is selected for a specific area and if he works or moves outside that area, the authority will be informed about the movement of that worker through notification. It will also help to build work efficiency and honesty for an employee. 

Sokrio DMS

Core benefits: 

  • Helps to develop sales representatives’ route plan

  • Guides sales representatives to work in the mentioned area

  • Informs the authority about the movement of field workers through notification

  • Helps the management to monitor sales representatives’ area-based movements

  • Get rid of the fabricated report about the mentioned area visit from sales representatives

  • Build work efficiency 

Mobile Battery Strength Notification 

Sokrio DMS software has worked perfectly to monitor all the activities of your sales channel and has come up with a variety of unique features. Many times salespeople cut off their communication with management at some point in the day because they do not have sufficient battery power backup. 

Not having enough battery power is a very common excuse for sales reps. As a result, the productivity of your sales distribution channels continues to decline. In such a situation, the mobile battery strength notification feature of the Sokrio DMS will play a very useful role. By giving such an excuse they usually get disconnected from the system after a particular time of the day.

As a result, the productivity and accountability of your distribution sales channel tend to decline. Sokrio mobile battery status notification feature is capable of playing an excellent role in solving this challenge. 

The Mobile Battery Status Notification feature will notify the authority of the amount of battery charge left on a particular user’s mobile at his last tracked position.  This will enable you to easily identify the validity of the excuse and also the battery status of the phone. 

Mobile notification

Core benefits: 

  • Provides uninterrupted communication between the sales representative and management

  • Displays the battery strength of the Sales Rep’s mobile by notification

  • Bounds the field worker to maintain an unbroken connection with the system

  • Get rid of valueless excuses about battery strength  

  • Helps to improve productivity 

Sokrio Off-line Unique Features 

Can’t find your field staff active online? 

Relax, the unimaginable offline features of Sokrio DMS help sales representatives to work seamlessly without the Internet. As a result, the accountability of your field staff increases dramatically.

In the article “The best unique features of Sokrio DMS to make the work of your sales representative easier and faster” we have already described Sokrio DMS’s offline unique features. 

The Sokrio DMS has unique features like offline selfie check-in and offline order collection that will make your sales team’s work easier as well as increase their accountability.

Several times a sales rep manages his outlet visit report manually, by saying that his phone has no internet connection or network which is very challenging for the management to monitor. 

However, using Sokrio DMS offline selfie check-in, it is possible to get rid of this kind of trick very easily. If ever Sokrio DMS users do not have an internet connection then they can complete their outlet visit through a selfie in front of their designated outlet by using the offline selfie check-in feature. 

Like offline selfie check-in, Offline Order Collection is an incredible feature of Sokrio DMS that can increase your sales team’s accountability by up to 50%. As the name suggests, it also works without an internet connection. 

The Offline Order Collection feature allows employees to collect orders offline all day. All the order information gets automatically uploaded into the system as soon as the device gets into the internet range. The uploaded information then becomes visible on the Sokrio DMS’s web-based dashboard.

Work offline

Core benefits: 

  • No need for any kind of internet while using this feature 

  • 100% scheduled outlet visit and orders collection confirmation

  • Get rid of the fabricated report from the sales team

  • Gain relief from the hassle of collecting daily scheduled orders

We have already informed you how Sokrio DMS makes the work of your sales representative easier and faster. I have also explained how to create more accountability from the field sales team through the best unique features of the Sokrio distribution management system.

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