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Sokiro DMS’s Best unique features to make your sales channel smoother and faster

Integrating a distribution management system into your sales channel to increase productivity and effectiveness should be considered an investment.


A robust DMS provides a centralized platform to manage the entire distribution process, from order placement to delivery, ensuring seamless product movement and enhanced customer satisfaction.


Sokrio DMS, a leading DMS in Bangladesh, stands out with its array of unique features that empower businesses to optimize their sales channels and achieve operational excellence. Its intuitive interface, real-time data visibility, and comprehensive reporting capabilities make it an invaluable tool for businesses of all sizes.


In this blog post, we will explore how Sokiro DMS streamlines order processing, optimizes inventory management, enhances route planning, and empowers sales teams to make data-driven decisions.


Let’s dive in!



What is the Sokrio Distribution Management System (Sokrio DMS)?


Sokrio’s distribution management system is a solution that will help you grow and manage your entire sales channel. As well as helping you to make your business more profitable, it helps your business in a variety of ways, including increasing the accountability of the sales team, reducing paper costs, reducing product delivery lead time, and sales reporting time.

Sokrio Distribution Management System (Sokrio DMS) is the solution that will bring the entire sales channel of the organization into the palm of your hand. It is a mobile and web-based application that will improve your skills in retail sales channel-related activity. Sokrio DMS gives a ready-to-launch SaaS-based model for instant streamlining of your sales distribution channel. Sokrio DMS provides customization options to make each business central.


Best Unique Features of Sokiro DMS

You can easily increase your sales channel and business productivity by using all the amazing unique features of the Sokrio distribution management system. In addition, your sales reps’ and employees’ accountability and efficiency will increase significantly.

Sokrio DMS software will bring 33% efficiency to your sales channel. Reduces the cost of mobile communication for field-level workers by up to 60 percent. 

Let’s take a look at some of the unique features of the Sokrio Distribution Management System that will make your sales channel effective and efficient.


GPS Strength Notification  

The Sokrio distribution management system is basically very easy to use for everyone from users to management. Sokrio DMS makes the day-to-day work of a field worker much easier. GPS strength notification is one of the many unique features of Sokrio DMS to facilitate the day-to-day work of a sales rep. 

  • If his internet connection is not stable or good which makes it impossible to track his GPS, he is notified through a notification.
  • If Sokrio GPS fails to track an employee, he or she will be sent a GPS Strength notification before complete GPS disconnection.


Proximity-based Store Sorting 


Proximity-based store sorting is one of the special unique features of the Sokrio distribution management system. It not only tracks every sales representative of the secondary sales channel but also guides them to do the next task in an easier manner. 

  • Track the location of your field worker or sales rep
  • Tracking the outlets around him
  • Guide him to find the next outlet on the route map
  • Helps him to reach the desired outlets in his route plan according to the proximity of the store to his location. 
  • Eliminates the need for sales reps to manually search for outlets
  • Guide them to their next location via GPS navigation
  • Helps sales reps to move from one to another easily 
  • Saves unplanned travel time.

Proximity-based Check-in

In a manually driven and less monitored sales channel, quite frequently the sales reps fabricate their daily activity reports without meeting their target number of daily outlet Visits. The proximity-based check-in system of Sokrio DMS is an innovative solution designed to play a crucial role in solving this challenge. 

  • Proximity-based check-in system of Sokrio DMS solves the challenge of sales reps fabricating their daily activity reports.
  • It prevents sales reps from ticking off a designated outlet without physically visiting it.
  • Users will not be able to check in to any particular outlet mapped in the system unless that particular device is not within 50 meters of that outlet.
  • As a result, he must come near the outlet to give a successful ‘check-in’ and report a successful visit to the outlet.
  • This means that all the visits mentioned in the daily activity report are authentic and free of any fabricated data.



An authority can have complete control over its sales channel through Sokrio distribution management system software. An authority can determine from the Sokrio DMS software the outlet selection to the sales representative’s route plan. 

As a result, it is possible to monitor the amount of work done by a sales rep throughout the day and the area-based movement. In that case, the GEO-Fence feature of the Sokrio distribution management system is very important. 

  • Allows authorities to have complete control over their sales channel.
  • Can determine outlet selection and sales representatives’ route plan.
  • Monitors the amount of work done by a sales rep throughout the day and the area-based movement.
  • When a field worker is selected for a specific area and if he works or moves outside that area, the authority will be informed about the movement of that worker through notification.
  • Helps to build work efficiency and honesty for employees. 


Mobile Battery Strength Notification

Sokrio DMS software works perfectly to monitor all the activities of your sales channel and has come up with a variety of unique features. Many times salespeople cut off their communication with management at some point in the day because they do not have sufficient battery power backup.

Not having enough battery power is a very common Excuse for sales reps. As a result, the productivity of your sales distribution channels continues to decline. 

In such a situation, 

  • The mobile battery strength notification feature of the active DMS will play a very useful role.
  • By giving such an excuse they usually get disconnected from the system at a particular time of the day.
  • As a result, the productivity and accountability of your distribution sales channel tend to decline.
  • Sokrio’s mobile battery status notification feature is capable of playing an excellent role in solving this challenge. 
  • The Mobile Battery Status Notification feature will notify the authority of the amount of battery charge left on a particular user’s mobile at his last tracked position.  
  • This will enable you to easily identify the validity of the excuse and also the battery status of the phone. 


Offline Selfie Check-In 

Sokrio Distribution Management System software enables you to control your field staff not only online but also offline. One such unique feature is offline selfie check-in.

  • Sokrio Distribution Management System enables you to control your field staff not only online but also offline.
  • Users can complete their outlet visit by taking a selfie in front of their designated outlet.
  • This can be done with Sokrio DMS without an internet connection.
  • Offline selfie check-in can help to get rid of the trick of sales reps managing their outlet visit reports manually.

Offline Order Collection  

The offline order collection of Sokrio DMS ensures that all field staff can continue with their tasks uninterrupted even with bad, or even no internet speed. 

  • Sales representatives face challenges when they are disconnected from the internet.
  • They cannot review their activities or submit data.
  • This can hinder them from achieving their daily targets.
  • Sokrio DMS has an offline order collection feature that addresses these challenges.
  • This feature allows employees to collect orders offline and upload them to the system when they are back online.
  • This ensures that work can continue uninterrupted.
  • The uploaded information is then visible on the Sokrio DMS web-based dashboard.

 Use Sokrio Distribution Management System to manage your sales pipeline smoothly. It will bring up to 33% efficiency in your sales channel. 


Invoice History 

Invoice history is one of the nice unique features of the Sokrio Distribution Management System. This feature of Sokrio DMS is basically a visible feature for all sales reps. 

  • With this feature, sales reps will get a summary of their invoices collected throughout the day.
  • Field workers will receive regular updates on their day-to-day work.
  • They will be able to see the potentiality of invoice collection all through the day.

Activity history 


One of the great features of a Sales Rep is to keep track of all the activities of the day in a certain pattern. 

  • By which a sales rep will find a summary of all his work 
  • Find a summary of collections, amounts, bills, invoices for the whole day. 
  • A field worker can easily track and view all his outlet visit information 
  • Area-based movement throughout the day

Final Word 

All the unique features of the Sokrio Distribution Management System monitor all the activities of your employees by providing you with real-time information from the field.

Sokrio DMS software and application will increase the efficiency of your sales channel by 33% as well as make your sales channel more dynamic with various features including on-demand report generation. 

Then use Sokrio Distribution Management System software and its best unique features to make your sales channel smoother and faster.

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