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The Benefits of Sales Force Automation in Bangladesh

Suppose you are a businessman and you have a sales team, then what do you need now? Yes, a better solution that provides you full sales control and improves your productivity. 

So, What can salesforce automation do for your business?  What are the benefits of sales force automation in Bangladesh? The answer is SFA gives automated workflows that help to build a smooth sales process, Monitor your sales team, and maintain business leads, sales projections, and team reviews. 

The benefits of salesforce automation in Bangladesh are providing the streamlined compilation, interpretation, and distribution of information in traffic and sales pipelines.

The specific goal of Salesforce automation software is to prepare accurate data or information. The SFA will decrease the time of organizational duties that sales agents and their supervisors have to work manually.

Administrators can use Salesforce automation software to control sales and representative movement and productivity. Also, the SFA system provides a decision-maker with the perfect knowledge and information to decide on marketing strategies and sales projections.

Everyone understands that customers are the foundation of any business. Salesforce automation systems are what permit you to proceed to generate new customers and create more business from your current customers. Salesforce automation software is suitable for all sizes of companies and businesses. 

What is sales force automation

Why do you need the sales force automation system?

When you need to stay as the head of the league, the Salesforce automation system is necessary for your business in a modern environment. 

With the help of SFA, you can significantly decrease your working time. This system saves lots of hours a year for the sales crew. This system(SFA) can be very helpful by providing customers updates and running communications. 

sorting emails, appointments, tracking replies, and much more. This system will also help you control your entire Distribution management system, retail channel management, and sales channel activities as well.


Salesforce automation tools are intended to support sales teams in the business and selling process. Sequentially, the idea of Salesforce automation is to enable businesses to sell more of their goods and products as well. 

The sales force automation has many features and facilities to improve the productivity of your business. An SFA can be divided into two functionalities.   

  • DMS (Distribution Management system)

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Sales force automation systemHow does CRM (Customer Relationship Management Software) work?

CRM software collects customer communications over all channels in one place. CRM provides centralized info that helps businesses to deliver a better experience, comfort, and service to their customer. As a result, it helps the business to acquire and retain its customers.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a technology for maintaining all your business contacts and interactions with customers and possible clients. The purpose is simple: Develop business relations. A CRM system supports businesses to stay close to customers, streamline processes, and grow profitability.


CRM supports your business to organize all the details of your leads and customers in one central place. It’s simple for everyone on your team to earn insight into the nature of your business and the status of every customer connection. 

The system will monitor and check the details for you, and leads will move through the qualification process, making sure your sales staff will work only with reliable data and hot leads.

The quick reply is that any business that is required to manage a relationship with its clients can profit from using a CRM system.

How does the DMS (Distribution Management System) work?

The DMS is created to encourage manufacturers to manage everything from inventory to customer and supplier connections.

The distribution management system will help your business by increasing productivity in their retail channel-related movement and activity as well. Distribution management system software is becoming more and more famous among businesses involved in retailing activities.

A Distribution Management System (DMS), in alignment with the core concept of SFA, is specially used to automate a sales retail distribution sales process. 

This system also helps to manage to collect orders, deliver the product, and collect payment in a cost-effective manner. DMS is a retail channel management system that allows you to distribute sales and customer data by one application.



The Distribution Management system easily captures and tracks your sales team activities. The distribution management system will assist in assigning the right employee to every situation.

How SalesForce Automation Benefits Your Business 

Now let’s talk about some important benefits and features of Salesforce automation-

1. Managements of Salesforce automation

When sales are the main part of your business, the performance of the sales representatives can never be provided enough emphasis. SFA’s main goals are to manage customer relations and also to manage the sales channel. You can easily manage these objectives by using a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system and a DMS (Distribution Management System).

Enhance your sales team’s productivity by receiving real-time information from the field, and implementing objective-based KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and metric-based aims. These KPIs will help you to provide your team with necessary training guidance, and performance feedback, and reward them for achieving their target.

  • Customer management

Simply view customer meeting details, event records, and interactions at your fingertips. With the help of some advanced-level CRM software, you can further get insights from different social media platforms. 

The most significant part is that all data or records are available in the SFA structure as long as you are connected to it. With proper CRM tools, you can build custom campaigns with just by a few clicks and engage with your clients. 

You will be able to track all your campaign progress and get the reports instantly. You can even track insights from various social media platforms with these tools. However, you have to have to use proper SFA tools to get all these benefits.

Customer management

  • Order management

You can manage your orders very easily with the help of a sales force automation system. A properly implemented SFA system can assist in streamlining the whole sales process and significantly cut down paperwork. 

A carefully implemented SFA presents the sales team with extra time to spend in their market and increases sales. It also in turn supports the customers to get their orders in a timely manner; which increases customer satisfaction and makes them more loyal to the business.

  • Sales pipeline

You as a company can reap the advantages from the benefits of Salesforce automation features if you apply it properly in your sales pipeline. A properly implemented SFA system in your sales pipeline will inform you of the activities of your sales team members. 

You can track whenever a prospect goes to the next stage of the pipeline, making it easier to monitor and manage your sales team’s performance.  

Additionally, a powerful sales pipeline tool will present you with strong metrics such as predicted income and opportunity close rates upon customers passing down the pipeline. This means that the managers don’t have to create reports manually, and can make data-based decisions with the help of automated tools.

  • Leads management

Sales leads are as valuable as business transaction growth. Without lead, business growth will become challenging. Most SFAs provide a simple-to-understand lead management user interface

SFA provides the most effective ways to follow real-time leads in the sales pipeline. It helps you to optimize and launch continuous customer campaigns to hold your games in the top position; Pursuing leads is much more useful and more comfortable than before using SFA’s lead management features. 

Leads are created and turned from social media communications, website visits, and campaign responses. 

  • Market Intelligence

Do not miss out on monitoring ongoing market activities, such as competitor promotions, customer feedback, ongoing prices, and more. Track the market activities of your own and competitor sales team members and get market feedback to maximize the revenue generation opportunities by getting total clarity and control of your sales pipeline.

2. Track your business with SFA

What is a salesforce automation tracking method? The answer is simple,  this will track every individual daily activity and boost the entire sales process.

  • Visual reports

View dynamic, visual pictures/snapshots of real-time reports from the sales metrics. Also view sales pipeline strength, product performance, success, and loss reports through interactive and graphical dashboards. 

You can get market reports and track your sales team’s activities on the move. You can also track your sales team meeting schedules by using systems like CRM or DMS. 


  • Activity tracking

Activity tracking permits you to drive your sales team in the most effective and efficient manner. It helps you to drive the sales teams in the right direction to approach and follow up with the clients to generate revenue. 

Through linking CRMs to customers’ emails or calendars, you will understand exactly where each customer is in the sales process. 

Additionally, some advanced Salesforce automation software will automatically inform sales team members about the next actions they need to take. This means that properly maintaining an SFA system will enable your sales team members to take the right action at the right time, increasing the possibility of selling success.

  • Opportunity tracking

For any business to achieve maturity and success it is important that it must maintain and take the help and advantage of every sales opportunity that appears on its way.

opportunity Tracking

By applying Salesforce automation anyone can simply track the possibility of closing a deal, pipeline conversion possibilities, and checking sales team accountabilities to maximize sales opportunities. 

  • Sales reporting

With particular SFA software, you and your managers can track sales order collections, product deliveries, and payment collections and get automated consolidated real-time reports. 

It helps you and your team to save a lot of time to generate reports using manual efforts. This arrangement also permits you to make data-driven decisions at the right time. It also enables you to develop your future strategy to develop your business. 

3. Increase your productivity

The timely sales reports and SFA will help you to think about generating accurate sales forecasts using your sales funnel information.  It will also help you to improve your sales team’s efficiency by monitoring their activities and guiding them accordingly. 

Eventually, the whole process will increase your company’s productivity and positively impact your revenue flow.


  • Efficient Workflow and Quick Approval

With this software, you can optimize your sales workflow.  You can also put approval gates to manage the flow of the right information into the system. 

It will also help you to reduce your workflow management time along with paperwork. The resulting reports will give you accurate reports within minutes that otherwise would take you days to prepare. 

  • Mobility

The future of businesses is not in the office room but in the pocket now. Smartphones are not only just phones also they have become a portable sales service with a Salesforce automation application. 

By using the SFA system you can easily keep track of sales team activities, monitor sales funnel, answer queries, and check reports to understand your business and make instant decisions.

Mobile SFA means that it needs to be intuitive and simple and really have things that are done in an orchestrated or automated way that may span multiple systems. 

Task completion has to really benefit from automation. It’s not just to view the activity with the customer, but the ability to do something about it. To get a task complete, to get a sale done.


Mobile tracking

The Mobility in the SFA system will make your sales team more effective and turn them into better and more efficient sellers. If you can truly utilize the mobility benefits of an SFA system, it certainly will help you to become a leading player in your relevant market. 

4. Insight Management 

Now let’s find out how the sales force automation insight management system will benefit my business. This system will allow you to monitor your team’s sales productivity in an extra systematic way. This system helps you out with the current situation of the sales process and also helps you to forecasts sales.

  • Reports and dashboard

With the availability of real-time data along with an informative interface and graphics,  some SFA systems offer you attractive dashboards. Depending on the accessibility options you can enter your dashboard at any time and anywhere. 

By automatically generating reports based on real-time data; Salesforce automation tools permit administrators to save time while monitoring how the team is working. You can choose the right metrics for your organization that will help you develop plans based on timely reports from the sales team.

  • Area management

Salesperson route planning and activity monitoring are some of the biggest efficiency barriers in a sales channel.  Hence, rather than using a manual pen and paper-based system or keeping track in a simple spreadsheet, it makes more sense to use systems like DMS and CRM systems from SFA. With the help of SFA, you will be able to evaluate a company’s sales performance from different angles, namely by revenue, product, region, etc. 

Area management

  • Upselling and cross-selling 

The more difficult and tougher the competition, the more possible it is that it will divert the customers from your business and thereby affect your business’s baseline. Salesforce automation system (Be it CRM or DMS software) can give you the records of your past clients and customers’ orders to analyze and help you decide on which product to cross-sell to whom. 

Sales force automation in Bangladesh

Wrapping up 

The SFA system will provide you the time to think further about your business.  According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately only 25% of new businesses make it to 15 years or longer. 

Using an  SFA system regularly and religiously will significantly improve the company’s chance of survival in a highly competitive market. Companies like Amazon, T-Mobile, Toyota, etc have their SFA system to boost their relationship with retailers and customers.

Salesforce Automation System is a basic need for any business that needs to manage sales channels and maintain customer relationships. To improve the sales channel and build a successful business all entrepreneurs and sales leaders must understand the benefits of a sales force automation system and invest in it. 

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