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How to Overcome Higher Management Challenges in Distribution Business With Sokrio DMS

Do you know how much trouble you can have in running a sales distribution management business?  How much hassle do you have to deal with when you are going to handle a full retail channel distribution business? 

When you manage a complete sales distribution channel, you have to make decisions on a plethora of operational issues, act on them, and control them. 

Failure to do these tasks effectively and efficiently will certainly cause you to drain your resources through your day-to-day operations. You will spend money but your ROI will be much smaller, you might even incur a loss. 

If you fail to monitor the field-level activities at the right time, you may have to struggle to manage your distribution sales-based business. Also if you fail to get the on-demand reports, can’t do demand analysis, or don’t get regular market updates and real-time reports from the employees, then you may have to waste both extra money and time to manage the sales channel.

So what is the solution? How to Overcome Higher Management Challenges in Distribution Business?

The best solution is Sokrio Distribution Management System. Sokrio distribution management system is a mobile and Web-based application to help your business bring efficiency to your sales channel activities. 

Sokrio DMS (Distributor Management System) not only enhances your retail channel-related actions, but it also strengthens your control on promotional works, improves productivity, streamlines your complete inventory management, eases employee performance tracking, eases sales processes, and provides real-time reports, with other advantages.  

Tips: Use Sokrio Distribution Management System to manage your sales distribution channel smoothly. It will bring up to 33% efficiency in your sales channel.  


What are the Higher Management Challenges in the Distribution Business

When you are responsible for the success of your business and sales team, you have to face many obstacles and challenges. The challenges of a sales-related business vary with the activities of the sales team. So as a senior management member, you need to have an accurate and clear idea about the challenges you are likely to face in your business.

Below are some of the important challenges that higher management members have to face in managing a distribution sales-related business; Also how the Sokrio distribution management system will help you to overcome these challenges.

Higher Management Challenges in the Distribution Business

  • Delay to make timely decisions

  • The manual report generation process

  • No on-demand reports

  • Lack of on-time demand analysis and market updates

Delay to Make Timely Decisions

Like any other business, timely decision-making is very important in the distribution business. In fact, in a competitive environment, if you fail to make the right decision in time, you may have to pay for your inactions (or not taking the right actions) in the market by losing to your competitors in a strategy game. 

However, making the right decision at the right time in a distribution business is a very big challenge. In a distribution business, you fail to make timely decisions when you do not receive real-time data, sales updates, on-demand reports, market updates, etc. from your sales team.

Sokrio distribution management system has come to free you from such a complex problem. Sokrio DMS helps you to make the right decisions at the right time. It collects all relevant kinds of sales information from the field force and shares it with you on a real-time basis. 

Timely decisions

With the Sokrio distribution management system in hand, you will get real-time data on the primary and secondary sales channels. This gives higher management enough time to think and decide on the future of their business. Using Sokrio DMS, Higher Management will be able to overcome the above challenges as well as increase business efficiency by up to 33%.

The Manual Report Generation Process

Maintaining a manual reporting process in a distribution sales business slows down your channel and business growth. There is a considerable risk of making mistakes as well as eating up valuable time from your sales process. The use of pen and paper also adds to the overall sales channel management cost.

Furthermore, manual reporting takes a lot of time to reach higher management; and as a result, taking the right decision on time becomes a daily struggle. The company may need additional manpower and space to maintain and retain all the report papers. 

In the case of manual reporting, as it is difficult to go through nitty-gritty details, the front liners may present you with fabricated information and get away with it. 

Report generation process

Sokrio DMS will play a decorated role in solving your troublesome manual reporting problem. It will provide you with a completely digital and modern reporting solution. Using this software, sales representatives need not use any type of paper or pen nor spend any additional time to manually calculate the numbers to create reports. 

No On-demand Reports

When you ask your sales representatives to provide an ongoing sales report, they have a lot of trouble providing that report. Because they need to collect enough data to create an on-demand report, they have to collect individual sales data, manually process them, and then generate the report. It takes a lot of time to perform this whole process.   

Sokrio DMS, on the other hand, performs these time-dependent tasks instantly. It generates reports as soon as the activities are unfolding in the market. This makes it very easy for you to get any report from your sales channel at any time. 

The Sokrio Distribution Management System provides you with a dashboard from which you can easily get real-time data from the field. Sokrio DMS allows you to access your dashboard at any time from anywhere in the world.

On demand reports-minAutomatically generates reports based on real-time data; The Sokrio DMS saves administrators time and assists them in seeing the real-time performance of the sales team. You can choose the right metrics for your business that will support you in generating plans based on timely reports from the sales team.

Lack of On-time Demand Analysis and Market Updates

Market analysis is a key part of any business plan. Market analysis is a quantitative and qualitative estimation of a market. It looks at both the size of the market in terms of volume and price. It also looks at the customer and economic environment in terms of barriers, buying patterns, competition, etc. 

It is very difficult for higher management to manage all these types of market updates. Sokrio Distribution Management System helps you to do just that. Sokrio DMS will play a special role in providing you with real-time updates on the market. This will also help you to know all types of market insights on a regular basis.

Higher management responsibility


Every higher management has a huge responsibility to manage a business or sales distribution-related business. From decision-making to executing and controlling, the higher management has to work very hard and tirelessly. 

Sokrio Distribution Management System can play a big role in making every step of this responsibility easier and faster. 

The Sokrio DMS platform will save your business from spending extra time and money by helping you to become more efficient and help to grow a better business with higher profitability. 

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