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10 Best Direct Sales Channel Management (CRM) Software review 2022

The pandemic has caused staying in contact with happy clients more of a difficulty than ever, and that’ll likely resume in the generation of hybrid work. 

The way your sales team speaks with customers, the manner they convey with each other, and even more importantly how your clients like to communicate with you, is going to change forever. That means multiple companies and businesses are going to have customer contact issues and therefore, possible revenue and marketing problems, too. In such a situation, when you are looking for a solution, the best solution for you is a customer relationship management system.

A CRM’s importance is much more than normally keeping a customer list for contact tracking. These benefits also follow and track every interaction your team has with any provided client and give a means of measuring that pain point. This can contain everything from the client’s initial purchase to their help and support history to what the conversation was about during that last lunch they included with your regional sales representative. 

Sokrio CRM

10 Best Direct Sales Channel Management (CRM) Software

If you are using pen and paper or spreadsheets to track and monitor your sales, you are missing out on important data required to position your sales team for success. A good salesperson or sales team requires a good sales monitoring platform that can crunch all the essential sales metrics and develop actionable ways to expand and boost efficiency.

Here are our top 10 best direct sales channel management (CRM) software:

1. Salesforce CRM

Salesforce is one of the most popular organizations in the world whose popularity of CRM is skyrocketing. Salesforce has powerful analytics features so you can set return-on-investment (ROI) plans and follow every part of your marketing campaign to reduce your cost-per-acquisition amount.

Its sales monitoring features let you predict results and come up with suggestions on how your sales team can enhance its performance. Their analytics feature is powered by artificial intelligence, which is able to combine data from multiple sources. Salesforce tries to go beyond sales and make happy customers with a strong customer support platform, securing repeat customers and growing your brand’s reputation.

2. Pipedrive 

One significant factor about Pipedrive is its “deal rotting” feature that allows the sales team to mark and spot missed meetings or possibilities, which is necessary for specifying opportunities to improve. Pipedrive also presents a unique sales reporting dashboard that breaks down KPI’s (Key performance indicators). It permits you to fast spot your top performers and which sales team members require to up their game.

Pipedrive suggests a “sales mentor” operating by artificial intelligence that offers personalized advice to improve your sales performance.

Sokrio CRM

3. Sokrio CRM

Sokrio customizable dashboards are a big element of what makes it appealing to salespeople. These dashboards do a fine job of cracking down the data you want to track and delivering it in a visual format, making it comfortable to come to actionable decisions about how the sales team is performing. Sokrio also has a business intelligence feature that can assist you to build your own data visualizations.

The Sokrio CRM software is identified for its effectiveness and efficiency. Sokrio CRM is a robust business software that provides significant flexibility but doesn’t demand significant investment. In addition, its profitability is quick since it will enhance sales productivity, boost sales, and attract new clients and customers at the same period. 

Sokrio CRM can help you maintain your client by taking different customer-centric actions proactively, by confirming that you have a more suitable understanding of your customers. So, it is a basic need that all sales businesses have CRM software to monitor and track their sales

4. Hubspot 

HubSpot CRM has a substantial dashboard that delivers sales graphs and statistics in real-time, maintaining your sales team alongside the quality of every lead in the sales pipeline. You can follow and monitor deal flow based on activities so it is obvious just how the sales team is working in accordance with their quotas.

HubSpot also provides activity logging, so that you can track per step taken including respect to every lead in real-time.

Sales pipeline

HubSpot stands out by moving beyond sales with its marketing hub, which gives an all-in-one solution to run full inbound marketing campaigns and enhance the leads you deliver to your sales team.

5. Bitrix24

This CRM accomplishes a fine job of tracking marketing expenses so you can monitor which campaigns are working and which should be shut down. It will also follow keywords and channels to reduce the amount of money you spend on marketing.

Bitrix24 also suggests a number of sales hunt tools desired at helping users increase conversion rates, as well as witnessing how the team is doing in terms of conversion rates.

Marketing expenses

Bitrix24 excels with cooperation, presenting an activity stream, shared calendars, and group chats, workgroups, and other tools to support everyone on the same platform.

6. Sugar CRM

SugarCRM accomplishes a wonderful job of building detailed profiles of clients so you can track everything about that possible customer. You can map out your customer’s journey, from their first discussion to customer happiness or satisfaction survey after they decide to purchase. SugarCRM furthermore summarizes your routine and delivers datasheets and reports that will support you with sales forecasting and determine areas for progress. SugarCRM is capable of crunching a massive volume of information on your customers to develop trends and forecasts you can use to increase your bottom line.customer experience

7. Close CRM

Close has effective reporting tools that allow you to follow KPI (key performance indicators). A single dashboard gives a visible snapshot of those metrics to your sales representatives and the sales team, allowing them to stay on track and hit their goals.

It also breaks down how every member of the team is performing based on whichever metrics you decide to follow or track. You have full customization authority over the dashboard so that it works in a way that creates the most sense for your business.


Close CRM makes contacting potential customers more comfortable with one-click calling and calls automation, making your team much more efficient in producing enough contacts to get as many clients through the sales funnel as possible.

8. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM presents advanced analytics to assist you to track the whole sales cycle, from lead generation to completing the deal. You can build customized dashboards with all kinds of widgets for creating charts, target meters, and funnel.

This software combines CRM data and produces clear reports delivering a variety of trends that can help you grow your sales team’s efficiency. And if anyone requires to know you can share these dashboards with the team or anyone else. Zoho CRM automates your workflow, so every time an effort is carried on a lead, you don’t require to go in and punch in the data— it’s done for you.

9. Agile CRM

Agile CRM closely follows customer support metrics such as tickets completed and average time to settle issues, and you can configure the sales dashboard to display essential metrics.

salesforce CRM

You can utilize this information to create a plan to improve response times, improve customer satisfaction, and therefore much more. This can lead to upselling possibilities and even new clients. Agile CRM’s contact management feature sets all of your data and contacts in one place, and all actionable information is updated in real-time so you can see where you stand with all your possible clients at any time anywhere.

10. Insightly

Insightly’s customizable dashboards are a large part of what makes it demanding to salespeople. These dashboards do a suitable job of breaking down the information you like to track and delivering it in a visual format, making it simple to come to actionable decisions about how the sales team is performing.


Insightly also has a business intelligence feature that can support you build your own data visualizations. Insightly presents effective data tools to give a complete picture of your customers, including any individual details that can assist you to identify their requirements and improve your sales conversion rate.

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