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Sokrio: Your All-In-One Distribution Management Solution

Do you need a solution that can fulfill all your distribution management needs and more? Then Sokrio Distribution Management Software (DMS) is the answer.


It offers various features and modules that streamline all your distribution channel needs. It also integrates with other functions like HR and Sales to ensure a smooth-flowing organization. 


Let’s take a look at Sokrio DMS’s all-in-one distribution solution features. 

Distributor Sales Rep Tracking

This module helps to identify, record, and analyze the specific actions your sales reps take when they are on route or on duty. You can track whether the reps are actually doing what they are supposed to. 


This information does not have to be to question sales reps for negligence of duty. Rather, it is to learn about possible gaps and bottlenecks in their work processes. And improve or rectify the issues. 

The module offers both qualitative and quantitative Data. Qualitative data could be customer responses or even sales reps’ feedback during their work on the distribution routes. Quantitative data are the number of outlet visits, calls, customers or retailers contacted, and orders fulfilled. 


Sokrio prides itself on multiple success stories of increasing the number of outlet visits through distributor sales rep tracking. 

Master Panel

The master panel is the center hub of all the orders and inventory. This module helps you to access information about the orders and distribution channels from a single point. 

For instance, you can check how much inventory of a product is in stock at the warehouse and whether it’s over or under-supplied. The panel also allows integration with other modules to expedite inventory information to concerned users across the system. 

All the other modules of the DMS are interlinked with this module to help the flow of deliveries. It also helps businesses track inventory levels and stock status to forecast demand and plan shipments more effectively.

Customer Engagement and Support

Sokrio emphasizes delighting its customers and providing them with top-notch, 24/7 support. That is why this module ensures customers are kept engaged and transparent about the transactions, order placements, knowledge base, and various offers. 

Customers can view reports on their order placements. Besides that, the module enables the customers to check the order delivery status. Features like payment history, refund management, order placement, stock selection, etc. empower the customers. The customers can also access helpful documentation on how to go about ordering and checking the products. 


This feature really sets apart Sokrio DMS as it helps improve efficiency and customer satisfaction by planning delivery routes and tracking deliveries in real-time as per the customers’ preferences. 

Work Offline

Sokrio DMS lets you use its application without an internet connection as well. You can work and track the progress of your sales reps and order deliveries through SMS when you do not have a stable internet connection near you. 

This module ensures the workflow is ongoing, and you do not fall behind in monitoring and tracking progress. 


As cybersecurity and data privacy are pressing issues today, Sokrio DMS ensures no data is leaked or compromised during its transactions. 

The security feature enables the following:


  • Configuration of HTTP security header options

  • Full traceability option

  • The ability to restrict information based on logical data, companies, and other factors


Sokrio DMS assures you of full-fledged data protection and safety from cyber attacks. For instance, your customer profile data is kept protected by various layers of authorization which no one can access except you and the authorized personnel.  


HR Integration

One crucial aspect of Sokrio DMS is the major HR functions integrated into it. As many personnel across the distribution channel work with various players along the value chain, keeping track of when, where, and how they are working is of high importance. 

HR integration allows to set and check the shifts or work locations of the sales reps, distribution personnel,  and territory executives.  You can also access their work history, skills records, and other work experience-related information. KPIs set by managers can also be checked and tracked to see the progress. 


Besides these, the log-in and log-out times can also be checked. This information feeds into the salary calculations and annual appraisals, two crucial aspects of HR management. Overall, this module helps connect HR information to distribution operations and streamlines workforce performance and productivity. 

Distributor Management

This module helps to streamline the distribution process and personnel communication. The DMS allows you to contact distributors along the supply chain and know about the operational whereabouts. 

With lots of data at your disposal, you can analyze the current progress and condition of the orders and products along the route plan. You can also get reports on the available stocks in the warehouse and communicate about it with the distributors. 


This feature lets you keep the flow of operations and communications smooth and coherent, helping to reduce errors and downtime. 


Whether it’s your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, Sokrio DMS keeps you notified all the time whenever there is an update. As mentioned earlier, you can track, through notifications, the sales reps’ whereabouts and where delivery is along the route plan. 

You can also use this module to inform about any updates or news of product offers to retailers or customers. You can schedule the notice and it will reach the customers timely, without any issues. 

Beat Planing

An all-important aspect of beat planning or daily route planning, is a module Sokrio DMS excels at. The software lets you set your daily route plans as per the road conditions and locations of your sales reps. Knowing the road conditions boosts route optimization and helps you deliver orders on time. 

You can modify the planned routes as well if conditions indicate that there is too much traffic or poor weather along a particular route. This flexibility ensures order management is met accordingly. 


Learn more about mastering route optimization and planning here

GPS Tracking

Another great feature that Sokrio DMS offers is GPS Tracking. Using robust GPS technology, you can access the precise location of sales agents or reps and their routes.

This ensures the sales forces are on the right track and reaching targeted points of sale. It also allows route monitoring which minimizes the adverse effects of obstacles on the roads.


You can access GPS tracking from any device, simplifying your tracking endeavors. 

Real-Time Management Dashboard

Sokrio DMS offers data-driven insights into market trends that enhance sales & distribution strategies. The system’s efficient and real-time tracking of sales reps, orders, inventory allocation, and routes helps streamline its distribution management process, which you can view through its advanced dashboard. 


The dashboard provides robust reporting and data analytics. It shows insights into distribution performance, inventory turnover, delivery times, and customer satisfaction. These insights help businesses make informed decisions to improve distribution operations.

Sales Integration

Finally, this DMS allows you to integrate sales management which is the ultimate goal of your business. You can organize sales team movements and optimize route planning, saving time and resources while increasing productivity.

You can also keep track of sales team attendance, ensuring accountability and enabling effective workforce management. Plus, you can monitor sales team activities in real-time, gaining insights into customer visits, interactions, and order placements for better decision-making.


In addition to all these, you can capture and analyze sales data automatically, enabling better sales strategies and customer engagement with an automated sales tracking system.


On top of these, the DMS provides real-time order status updates to customers, which eventually enhances transparency and improves customer satisfaction and better sales. 


Read the success story of Sokrio in managing to increase sales by 20%


Also, check out this explainer video on Sokrio DMS features and try it out today!


Wrapping Up

Sokrio DMS is an excellent option if you want multiple modules to streamline your distribution and supply chain functions in Bangladesh. It is a well-established solution in the country with multiple FMCG and conglomerate clients. 


With so many features and modules mentioned above, it is a must-try for your organization. And with the advent of automated and data-driven technologies flourishing all over the world, advanced solutions like Sokrio will boost your business to new heights. Contact them today!

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